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Victor Island

Victor Island is an eco friendly, exclusive, private island almost 8 acres in size located in the heart of Australia’s world-renowned Great Barrier Reef marine park.

Located about 1 km off the coast, travel to and from the island is much easier and it’s close proximity also provides access to NBN and 5G mobile enabling you to have privacy without sacrificing internet access and your Foxtel or Netflix programmes.

From watching whales & dolphins glide past over breakfast, to lazing on your own private beaches, Victor Island provides its guests with access to an unparalleled world of peace and solitude without sacrificing luxury.

As if this wasn’t enough, the islands extended coral reef provides a natural marina to moor vessels both large and small​.

canopy view to beach
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Whitsundays Retreat

Victor Island is a beautiful and unique isolated getaway. This luxury escape is located two kilometres from the mainland and just south of Mackay in Queensland, Australia. The island is easily accessible from boat ramps across Grasstree Beach, Campwin Beach and Hay Point.

Perfect for picnics, snorkelling or relaxing on the beach, Victor Island has it all. Treat yourself to a bit of luxury by visiting this tropical paradise. You wont regret it!

Being located in one of the richest parts of The Great Barrier Reef, the water temperature is divine, making it the perfect location for beach lovers. Victor Island is one of 74 islands located in the Whitsundays, in which most others are uninhabited.

This beautiful holiday destination contains a newly renovated four bedroom, two bathroom house with king & queen beds as well as retractable blade ceiling fans and air conditioning in the master bedroom.

The beautiful island, homes & equipment is currently available to rent for a holiday. Escape from the city to a private retreat!

victor island helicopter transfer

Getting to the Island

The island is a mere 30kms south of Mackay airport and a short complimentary helicopter ride for 4 persons will have you on the island in approximately 6 minutes.

Four Bedroom Home

A dream home away from home, containing an arrangement of King and Queens sized beds, two bathrooms & kitchen.
caretaker's cottage

Getting to the Island

Your own caretaker will assist you on your personal needs, help you with groceries, and assist you in accessing tours.


German solar power technology with a back up generator. Water harvesting capacity of 200,000 litres.

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Discover the natural wildlife of the Victor Island & the surreal beauty of it’s landscape.

Victor Island Escape

Queensland Australia

Completely self-sufficient, the private island houses a newly renovated four-bedroom, two-bathroom villa alongside a separate caretaker’s residence and utility outhouse.

There are many walking trails that wind their way throughout the island, plus plenty of bird life to enjoy as well. The island, situated about 50km south of Hamilton Island.

  • Free wifi
  • exclusive use of the entire island
  • your personal caretaker
  • helicopter transfers to and from the island for 4 persons (further persons extra cost)
  • optional extra cost of your own personal chef
  • the kitchen can be stocked with your own preferences for a reasonable surcharge
  • free access to Netflix and Foxtel

Modern Four Bedroom

Island Holiday Home

A Beautiful Island retreat

Victor Island

Your Luxury Holiday Rental

Experience the height of luxury by leasing your very own tropical island. Located just 15 minutes by boat from the mainland or a 6-minute helicopter flight from Mackay Airport, Victor Island is a tropical escape like no other.
  • Arrival & Departure: by helicopter, to and from Mackay Airport, at the start & end of your stay.
  • Household Staff: Optional private chef or self catering will provide you and your guests with a fully catered, full-service experience, allowing you to unwind & enjoy the islands tranquillity.
  • Island Staff: A Caretaker will be on hand to guide you around the island & assist the household staff.
  • Activities Include: Kayaking, Fishing, Snorkelling, Swimming, Foxtel, Netflix, 4G Wireless Network, WIFI & more.

Victor Island is available to lease for select groups of up to eight people at a time.

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